Food that makes your boobs bigger








I bet for women the worst thing about working out is that you lose boobs.

You can gain butt but you definitely lose boobs when you lose fat inside of your body.

But!!! Apparently there is some food that can help you have bigger boobs.

We love food and we love big boobs, everything sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

There is a strong relationship with lady’s hormone and big boobs.

Here are the list of things that can boost lady’s hormone.

Please note that this applies to everyone differently. Also it is always very important to have balanced diet. Please do not have an unbalanced diet.

Let’s get big boobs together ladies 😉


Vitamine E: Improves the blood flow and the amount of hormone in your body. (Almonds, Nuts and eel)

Vitamine C: Increases immunity for stress. (Vegetables and fruits)

Vitamine B1: Improves the function of nerves in the brain (Pork and Soy)

Calcium: Makes you calm. (yogurt, tofu, shrimps)

Magnesium:  Prevents swelling during period (Nuts, natto, almonds)

Vitamine B6: Helps you to digest (banana, salmon)

EPA, DHA: Improves blood flow and the amount of hormone in your body. (Fish)

Isoflavone: Works just like lady’s hormone. (Natto, tofu, soy)


xxxx     FitNessEmikoNess


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