Exercise makes you more concentrated on studies








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実は運動をした方が効率的なのですね 😉


When I was at high school my friend took me to a gym, and this is how I started working out on a regular basis. I was not doing so much, I was probably doing 30mins of work out in total.

However I started to feel more calm when I study and my result actually got better than before. When I do some work after I work out, I feel more concentrated because I feel that I let all the energy out that I kept inside me.

I did a research on 10 boys and girls. I asked them to do simple 100 maths quizzes before and after the normal workout that they do.

And the result was remarkable. On average it took 5.6 seconds shorter, and  is more accurate by 0.10% when you take a  quiz after you work out.

When students get busy with their exams they tend not to do any sports,

but it is definitely better for them to do nice amount of work out.


xxxx     FitNessEmikoNess


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