Soba Salad

Today I am going to introduce you all one of my favorite lunch menu!

It is “Soba Salad” and those who do not know so much about soba,

it has a lot of nutrition value in it compared to other starches.

First of all, soba has a lot of protein in it, which is good for making skin, hair and muscle.

Second of all, soba has polyphenol which kills the bacteria in the body.

Also it contains essential amino acids which allows your body to break and absorb proteins and calcium.

It seems like a really good healthy food, right?

Now I am going to show you how to make this tastey soba salad!

■What you need

1 bundle of soba

1 tomato

1 avocado

1 cucumber 

2 spoons of olive oil


garlic powder


■How you make it

  1. Put soba into the boiled water for about 5minutes. (But usually it will tell you on the back of the label how much you should boil depends on the soba)
  2. Cut all the vegetables into the size that you like.
  3. Put olive oil, salt, garlic powder and basil to your vegetables.
  4. Put the vegetables of 3 on the soba that you made.


Hope you enjoy it!

xxxx     FitNessEmikoNess


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