Eating Seafood to Build Muscle???

It is a known fact that the protein from animals such as chicken, beef and pork have similar composition of amino acid to humans. For this reason it is said that it provides better protein to build muscle than the one of seafood.


Builders who love animal meat may wonder why we even have to bother eating seafood.

Well, seafood CAN actually help you build bigger muscle!

Being Japanese, I have always loved eating seafood and seafood has always been around me.

So I am very glad to inform you all how seafood is benefitial for muscle creation!!!



Seafood contains a lot of  Arginine

Arginine is a kind of animo acid. 

The benefits of Arginine for muscle growth are:

  • It improves the production of growth hormone, which is essential for muscle growth.
  • It helps creating Creatine in our body.
    Creatine is an organic acid.
    Creatine is converted into Creatine Phosphate in our body and is stored in the muscle, becomes the energy. Unlike sugar or fat, Creatine Phosphate becomes energy without breaking down, therefore it provides an explosive power. It can also make muscle strength long lasting by storing more easily convertable source of energy inside. The more Creatine Phosphate there is in the muscle, the bigger the muscle gets. 
  • It improves the production of Nitric Oxide. It is produced from vasclar endothelial cells and expands the vessels. This makes the blood circulation around the muscle better, and more oxygen, hormones and amino acids are delivered to the muscle. Thus, the muscle will grow quicker.
    (Too much NO can be bad for your health though, since it increases oxidant stress of our body.
    NO combines with Super Oxide and produces Peroxynitrite, which is very toxic.)



As you can see seafood IS benefitial for muscle growth.

Don’t think that chicken breast is better than anything!

We can enjoy our tasety seafood too 🙂 




xxxx FitNessEmikoNess



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