So… What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid…

We have all heard about this, this is the compound that makes us feel tired, right?




A lot of people think that Lactic Acid is something that will be produced inside of the muscle,

and this is the chemical that makes our muscle feel tired.

However this is not true. In fact, the protons that are produced with Lactic Acid makes our muscle feel tired.



  • How is Lactic Acid produced?

Lactic Acid is produced when sugar is decomposed to create ATP (compounds that are used to move muscle, in an easy term “energy”) when there isn’t enough oxygen. 

Sugar is used to create ATP in the following two ways:

<not enough oxygen>

sugar → Pyruvic Acid + ATP

               Lactic Acid

<enough oxygen>

sugar → Pyruvic Acid + ATP


       Acetyl COA → ATP + water + Carbon Dioxide 



  • Does Lactic Acid make us feel tired?

No, it doesn’t.

When Lactic Acid is produced in our muscle, protons are produced as well.

This makes our muscle more acid, and this makes our muscle contraction harder to happen,

(1. It inhibits the action of enzyme of recreating ATP      

 2. It inhibits the bonding of calcium ion and filaments of muscle fibers, and this bond makes muscle contraction to happen)

thus we feel more tired.

Even though Lactic Acid itself is not the reason why we get tired,

it is also important to get rid of it from our muscle because it can lead to produce protons.



  • How do we get rid of Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid goes back to the liver and becomes glucose to be used to create ATP again.

Cool down (or light cardio) is very useful to get rid of the blood that contains Lactic Acid from the muscle.

Also to prevent producing Lactic Acid in the first place, when we are too tired we should do less muscle training and we should have less sugar intake.



Lactic Acid wasn’t after-all a bad fellow 😉





xxxx FitNessEmikoNess 


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