Feeling sleepy after meals


I have this problem that I feel extremely sleepy after my meal.

It feels horrible when I have this feeling, because I am trying to save time as I am preparing for an exam

and I know that it is not the best thing for my health maintenance.

Knowledge always helps in some way, so let’s talk about feeling sleepy after meals.

Why do we feel sleepy after meals?

When we eat, our digestive system will try to digest and more blood will be delivered to organs such as an intestine or a stomach. Thus less blood will be delivered to the brain and this makes us feel sleepy.

This is one of the reasons why working out right after the meal is not very good since blood will not be delivered to the muscles so much.

Is it bad?

It is not very good if you fall a sleep right after meals.

As I mentioned above, the blood is concentrated around the digestive system after meals.

And if you go to sleep like this, then there is less blood to all other systems in our body including the brain.

This can damage cerebral blood flow and also this can lead to the slow recovery and growth of body parts.

How can we prevent this?

Having small meals many times rather than having three big meals are said to help,

because the concentration of blood flow around the digestive system will be smaller.

Also having less sugar in your meal helps since it can prevent the rapid increase of insulin production.

In the next blog I would like to discuss a little bit more on sugar!!!

xxxx FitNessEmikoNess 


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