Is sugar a bad thing?
But sugar is important to maintain our health?

Which is true???

Well they are both true and I would like to explain in detail how sugar can be bad and good.

Sugar is bad

It is widely known that sugar can be bad to our health, because too much sugar in our blood can cause diabetes and this can cause many health problems that can kill you.

Having a huge amount of sugar intake will not only boost our blood sugar level, but also excess sugar will turn into fat cells and will be stored in our body. Too much fat cells will make insulin not work well in the body, and can produce hormones that can lead to Arteriosclerosis.

Sugar is good

Well we really do need sugar to maintain our health.

  • To make muscle

During the resistance training rather than taking just amino acid, taking sugar with it will increase the effect of training. Also even if we take protein if there is not sufficient amount of Glycogen, the formation of muscle will not happen effectively.

  • To burn fat

The process of neutral fat becoming energy goes like this:

neutral fat → fatty acid → acetyl COA (oxidised at mitochondria) →→→→→ ATP (inside of TCA cycle)

When ATP is produced from acetyl COA, it needs Oxaloacetate from Glucose.

This means that there needs to be sugar in the blood for the fat to be decomposed as energy efficiently.

Good sugar and Bad sugar

There are mainly two types of sugar and one is what we call “good sugar” that increases the blood sugar level slowly (fruits, brown rice, potatoes…) and the other is what we call “bad sugar” that boosts the blood sugar level quickly and produces a lot of insulin to lower it down (white rice, white bread, pasta…).

When we take “good sugar” the blood sugar level will increase slowly, thus the production of insulin will be slow too. When insulin is being produced, the fat cells will be engaged with free fatty acid in the blood and they will be stored as fat. This means that “good sugar” will make less fat to be stored.

On the other hand, when we take “bad sugar” the production of insulin will be very big. This not only makes us store more fat but also makes us want more sugar. The rapid production of insulin drops the blood sugar level very low all of sudden, and this leads to make us demand more sugar.

However, “bad sugar” is not bad occasionally. Taking “bad sugar” right after training will increase the production of insulin, and this prevents muscle from decomposition. It will also help anabolic reaction to happen.

Nothing is the best thing and nothing is the worst thing.

It is all balance. Life is all balance 🙂

xxxx FitNessEmikoNess


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