I came up with a challenge called”1DayFast” for anyone to meet a better version of themselves in 24 hours.



So the story started like this. I am doing master degree, and while most of my friends are out there working and contributing to the society directly, I have been feeling that I was only receiving. In fact I have been recieving the best things, time to think and develope my knowledge, great people who teach me on various things, and great love from my family and friends.

I want to give something back.

When I say that I want to give something back, it does sound very cool. But it is not like that.

I want to see myself being able to contribute to someone, and by that I want to feel the sense of growth and significance. And I know that everyone feels this way too.

This is how I came up with an idea of “1DayFast”, a day which you see yourself doing something beyond your normal self by challenging yourself physically and giving something to someone.



<<What to Do>>

#1. Fast for one day with water and salt. (or coconut water for active days)

#2. Donate $11 on anything you like. (Why $11? -On average this is how much we spend for food per day and also I like how it has one and one.)


Just Do It.

If you do it you will know it.

<<6 Basic Human Needs>>

According to Tony Robbins, who I truly respect, we have 6 needs.

(1). Certainty (2). Uncertainty (3). Significance (4). Connection (5). Growth (6). Contribution

And this challenge lets you beat all the needs except for (1).

You will find yourself feeing satisfied after trying this, am sure!


It is a Mental Challenge.

It is not for weight loss.

Please know that the reason why you are doing this is becasue it lets you see yourself on a different level.

Let me know how you get on with it! I am doing it right now πŸ™‚


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