Chubby Geek Learns to Dance-#2

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 2.

Today, I am going to evaluate some dance teacher.

Because my mission for life is to create a culture of dancing at workplaces 🙂


<<Scoring Base>>

Scoring Base


Date: 20.01.2016

Name: Billy (Expert)

Category: Ballet 1h


C1: Teacher’s Autonomy Support

P1: Students’ Motivation (2/5)

  • Leaning towards raising Extrinsic Motivation
  • Extrinsic Motivation Types: Beauty of a Dance

P2: Language Use   (5/5)

  • Informational Language Use

Everything seems to be related to the beauty

– Occasionally compliment (Rather very informative)

P3: Dealing with Negative Affect (4/5)

  • Acknowledges that some moves are hard
  • Doesn’t seem to be bothered when students make mistakes


C2: Teacher’s Structure

P4: During Introduction (5/5)

  • Clear Introduction
  • Use of terms (name of moves etc…)
  • Use of sounds (non-linguistic expressions)

P5: During Lessons (5/5)

  • Strong guidance with use of his own body
  • Strong guidance with use of language (counting, name moves etc…)

P6. Feedback (3/5)

– Skill-Building and Informative

– However, teacher tends to point many things that students get confused

(Need of break down)


  • Students seem to be confused since the skill was too hard
  • Students are willing to try since teacher never judges
  • “Don’t be selfish, think of the beauty as a group. Express individuality with face.”
  • Showed sign of welcome

(Came to talked to me how he still remembered me from 4 years ago)




Chubby Geek Learns to Dance-#1

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 1.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was 19, 5ft1 and weighed a little over average.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.17.15 PMShe felt mature and confident, because she finally entered the university which her parents wished her to go to. She was free to live her life!

Up until this time, she had only been to strict girls schools. Her parents kept telling her that one day when she gets into a good university she would be free to do anything. So until then she crammed, devoted all her waking hours into books. So this was a special moment, finally she was free to live!

During her university life, of course she went to parties. She met this guy, who spoke to her so sweet and gave her flowers. Being brought up at girls schools all her life, it was a wonderful to feel for the first time someone was paying special kind of attention. She felt like a princess in the disney movies.

So she did all she could do. She devoted everything to him until one day he said, “You are the chubbiest girl I have ever dated” and yes, cheated on her too.

Now this may not sound much to many people, but it was for her. Two main reasons: (a)because she had never known anyone who would compare and judge people with physical characters   (b)because he said it in a way that it was pre-determined and cannot be changed.


This story has deeper background but for now it is enough.

This is how I started learning dancing. To prove him and myself that there is nothing that defines anyone.

Coming from a very academic background, I was never really praised for being good at physical activity. So I focused on academics. That lead me to be highly confident in one area, but not in another.

I guess I still wanted him to accept me, I started applying the cramming technique to physical activity, yes, dancing. But the relationship with him ended, and I got more interested in the process of learning.

Learning is fascinating. Because it argues your perception. If you apply the same perception, you are never getting better.

Through this project, I want people to realize the unconscious “Learned Helplessness” that we all have. I want you all to argue your perception on your own capacity and the way of approaching towards things.

I am hoping that I can contribute in some way to break your unconscious leaned helplessness.