Chubby Geek Learns to Dance-#2

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 2.

Today, I am going to evaluate some dance teacher.

Because my mission for life is to create a culture of dancing at workplaces 🙂


<<Scoring Base>>

Scoring Base


Date: 20.01.2016

Name: Billy (Expert)

Category: Ballet 1h


C1: Teacher’s Autonomy Support

P1: Students’ Motivation (2/5)

  • Leaning towards raising Extrinsic Motivation
  • Extrinsic Motivation Types: Beauty of a Dance

P2: Language Use   (5/5)

  • Informational Language Use

Everything seems to be related to the beauty

– Occasionally compliment (Rather very informative)

P3: Dealing with Negative Affect (4/5)

  • Acknowledges that some moves are hard
  • Doesn’t seem to be bothered when students make mistakes


C2: Teacher’s Structure

P4: During Introduction (5/5)

  • Clear Introduction
  • Use of terms (name of moves etc…)
  • Use of sounds (non-linguistic expressions)

P5: During Lessons (5/5)

  • Strong guidance with use of his own body
  • Strong guidance with use of language (counting, name moves etc…)

P6. Feedback (3/5)

– Skill-Building and Informative

– However, teacher tends to point many things that students get confused

(Need of break down)


  • Students seem to be confused since the skill was too hard
  • Students are willing to try since teacher never judges
  • “Don’t be selfish, think of the beauty as a group. Express individuality with face.”
  • Showed sign of welcome

(Came to talked to me how he still remembered me from 4 years ago)




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