Chubby Geek Learns to Dance -#4

<<Robin’s Podcast: Dance for Parkinson’S Disease by David Leventha>>

Great people know great stuff. Great people talk great stuff.


You know what you want to do but your body refuses to move in that way. You start shaking without you being able to control it. You become sleep deprived, unable to control emotions, start building negative relation with others and becoming isolated…

That is what Parkinson Patients experience.

Yet current research on medicine and therapy is focused on the “loss”. Why not on leaning? – This was David’s big question.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.44.30 PM

(source: Wikipedia >>> Parkinson’s disease)

What he does

  • Give classes for PD patients in NY
  • Train teachers
  • Offer online training programs (DVDs etc..)
  • Helps research

The best way to find what he is up to is by visiting their website.

Dance for PD website


How he does it

  • Treat PD patients not as PD patients but as “dancers” and “artists”

In the interview, he emphasized the importance of viewing them dancers and artists. He is extra careful on the use of his vacabs, honestly you can just tell that he sees them in such a respectful manner from the way he talks in the interview. He mentioned that this way, students see physical movement from “loss of ability” to “skills that can be developed”.

  • Access and Expand students’ imagination
  • Raise students’ self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-confidence à that breeds curiosity


(More on his teaching philosophy: His Video )


His Mission

Make dance available to all PD patients in the world!


My Expansion

I want to know his great ability on teaching. How he breeds students growth mindset instead of fixed mindset. I believe this could be the key for his mission, spreading dance for PD to all over the world. Through my experience of zumba, although we have semi-fixed class structures on DVD, it does depend on the facilitator if the class can be taught in a way students want to come back.


Chubby Geek Learns to Dance -#3

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 3.

Academic Background and Dance

I have a very strong academic background. Everything that I did when I was younger related to getting into good university. This meant that I had little social support on anything artistic, including dancing. You see, I was a chubby geek.


Having this background, I am proud to say that my current occupation is a graduate student at the best private university in Japan (The founder of my school is the face of $100 bill in Japanese yen), doing a research on dancing.


Rebellious? Maybe. I feel my family not being supportive of what I am trying to do, when it is what I need the most right now. But I will work on communicating the message to them. Because dancing is really what we, as humans need, and more people should experience this ancient technology to happiness.



Dancing to overcome trauma


Dancing is facing and improving, rather than escaping.


You see, I had trauma. Trauma is created because we remember the physical arousal of shocking times with negative meanings. When you see something or hear something, it becomes a trigger to create certain posture. This posture is remembered with negative meanings. This is how trauma is created. It becomes embodied.

When I dance, I start breathing fast, just like the time when I lost control. But my attention is focused on the beauty of surroundings. I am fully experiencing the physical arousal that I used to fear and escape, and I embrace it. It is amazing. And at the end of the day, I realize, “hey the things that I was so worried about, maybe means nothing. It may be isn’t so important after all.”


I want you to feel free from the chains on your feet

I want more people to experience this. The beauty of living. At the same time I need dancing in my life. It is my trauma therapy. As we get old, we experience more sad things as well as wonderful things. Humans have an innate tendency to remember the bad rather than good. But this technology, dancing, helps you remember wonderful experiences more.


So… Shall we dance?

Chubby Geek Learns to Dance-#2

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 2.

Today, I am going to evaluate some dance teacher.

Because my mission for life is to create a culture of dancing at workplaces 🙂


<<Scoring Base>>

Scoring Base


Date: 20.01.2016

Name: Billy (Expert)

Category: Ballet 1h


C1: Teacher’s Autonomy Support

P1: Students’ Motivation (2/5)

  • Leaning towards raising Extrinsic Motivation
  • Extrinsic Motivation Types: Beauty of a Dance

P2: Language Use   (5/5)

  • Informational Language Use

Everything seems to be related to the beauty

– Occasionally compliment (Rather very informative)

P3: Dealing with Negative Affect (4/5)

  • Acknowledges that some moves are hard
  • Doesn’t seem to be bothered when students make mistakes


C2: Teacher’s Structure

P4: During Introduction (5/5)

  • Clear Introduction
  • Use of terms (name of moves etc…)
  • Use of sounds (non-linguistic expressions)

P5: During Lessons (5/5)

  • Strong guidance with use of his own body
  • Strong guidance with use of language (counting, name moves etc…)

P6. Feedback (3/5)

– Skill-Building and Informative

– However, teacher tends to point many things that students get confused

(Need of break down)


  • Students seem to be confused since the skill was too hard
  • Students are willing to try since teacher never judges
  • “Don’t be selfish, think of the beauty as a group. Express individuality with face.”
  • Showed sign of welcome

(Came to talked to me how he still remembered me from 4 years ago)



Chubby Geek Learns to Dance-#1

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 1.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was 19, 5ft1 and weighed a little over average.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.17.15 PMShe felt mature and confident, because she finally entered the university which her parents wished her to go to. She was free to live her life!

Up until this time, she had only been to strict girls schools. Her parents kept telling her that one day when she gets into a good university she would be free to do anything. So until then she crammed, devoted all her waking hours into books. So this was a special moment, finally she was free to live!

During her university life, of course she went to parties. She met this guy, who spoke to her so sweet and gave her flowers. Being brought up at girls schools all her life, it was a wonderful to feel for the first time someone was paying special kind of attention. She felt like a princess in the disney movies.

So she did all she could do. She devoted everything to him until one day he said, “You are the chubbiest girl I have ever dated” and yes, cheated on her too.

Now this may not sound much to many people, but it was for her. Two main reasons: (a)because she had never known anyone who would compare and judge people with physical characters   (b)because he said it in a way that it was pre-determined and cannot be changed.


This story has deeper background but for now it is enough.

This is how I started learning dancing. To prove him and myself that there is nothing that defines anyone.

Coming from a very academic background, I was never really praised for being good at physical activity. So I focused on academics. That lead me to be highly confident in one area, but not in another.

I guess I still wanted him to accept me, I started applying the cramming technique to physical activity, yes, dancing. But the relationship with him ended, and I got more interested in the process of learning.

Learning is fascinating. Because it argues your perception. If you apply the same perception, you are never getting better.

Through this project, I want people to realize the unconscious “Learned Helplessness” that we all have. I want you all to argue your perception on your own capacity and the way of approaching towards things.

I am hoping that I can contribute in some way to break your unconscious leaned helplessness.



Is sugar a bad thing?
But sugar is important to maintain our health?

Which is true???

Well they are both true and I would like to explain in detail how sugar can be bad and good.

Sugar is bad

It is widely known that sugar can be bad to our health, because too much sugar in our blood can cause diabetes and this can cause many health problems that can kill you.

Having a huge amount of sugar intake will not only boost our blood sugar level, but also excess sugar will turn into fat cells and will be stored in our body. Too much fat cells will make insulin not work well in the body, and can produce hormones that can lead to Arteriosclerosis.

Sugar is good

Well we really do need sugar to maintain our health.

  • To make muscle

During the resistance training rather than taking just amino acid, taking sugar with it will increase the effect of training. Also even if we take protein if there is not sufficient amount of Glycogen, the formation of muscle will not happen effectively.

  • To burn fat

The process of neutral fat becoming energy goes like this:

neutral fat → fatty acid → acetyl COA (oxidised at mitochondria) →→→→→ ATP (inside of TCA cycle)

When ATP is produced from acetyl COA, it needs Oxaloacetate from Glucose.

This means that there needs to be sugar in the blood for the fat to be decomposed as energy efficiently.

Good sugar and Bad sugar

There are mainly two types of sugar and one is what we call “good sugar” that increases the blood sugar level slowly (fruits, brown rice, potatoes…) and the other is what we call “bad sugar” that boosts the blood sugar level quickly and produces a lot of insulin to lower it down (white rice, white bread, pasta…).

When we take “good sugar” the blood sugar level will increase slowly, thus the production of insulin will be slow too. When insulin is being produced, the fat cells will be engaged with free fatty acid in the blood and they will be stored as fat. This means that “good sugar” will make less fat to be stored.

On the other hand, when we take “bad sugar” the production of insulin will be very big. This not only makes us store more fat but also makes us want more sugar. The rapid production of insulin drops the blood sugar level very low all of sudden, and this leads to make us demand more sugar.

However, “bad sugar” is not bad occasionally. Taking “bad sugar” right after training will increase the production of insulin, and this prevents muscle from decomposition. It will also help anabolic reaction to happen.

Nothing is the best thing and nothing is the worst thing.

It is all balance. Life is all balance 🙂

xxxx FitNessEmikoNess

Homeostasis and Plateau

I am sure everyone who has been on a diet has experienced this.
Plateau is when you are burning more calorie than your intake,
Still you are not losing weight at all.

This is because of the system that we have in our body called

According to Wikipedia, homeostasis is the property of a system in which variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.
For an example, it controls our body temperature, blood sugar level or even lactic acid level in our body so that we can maintain our health.

When we go on a diet we lose some weight, and we lose fat. Our bodies consider it as a danger. And they try to keep the status of our bodies the way they have always been. This is why we stop loosing weight even though we are eating the same amount as when we were losing weight.

When we hit this stage, we should eat a little bit more than when we were losing the weight so that the bodies can understand that we will not go starvation and stop storing fat.

It is said that this happens the most when we lose about 5% of our body weight and lasts around one month. If we stay consistent with our meals and workout, we will soon start losing the weight again because the body then thinks that this is the normal state of our body.

Don’t worry too much about the result, just enjoy the journey.
After all you are already beautiful. Everyone is!

xxxx FitNessEmikoNess


Hello everyoneeee!!!
It has almost been a year since I last posted anything here. So much has happened during my absence and I have learned so much more about health and fitness too.

I will be sharing things that I have learned here on my blog! Let’s get healthy!


xxxx FitNessEmikoNess

Soba Salad

Today I am going to introduce you all one of my favorite lunch menu!

It is “Soba Salad” and those who do not know so much about soba,

it has a lot of nutrition value in it compared to other starches.

First of all, soba has a lot of protein in it, which is good for making skin, hair and muscle.

Second of all, soba has polyphenol which kills the bacteria in the body.

Also it contains essential amino acids which allows your body to break and absorb proteins and calcium.

It seems like a really good healthy food, right?

Now I am going to show you how to make this tastey soba salad!

■What you need

1 bundle of soba

1 tomato

1 avocado

1 cucumber 

2 spoons of olive oil


garlic powder


■How you make it

  1. Put soba into the boiled water for about 5minutes. (But usually it will tell you on the back of the label how much you should boil depends on the soba)
  2. Cut all the vegetables into the size that you like.
  3. Put olive oil, salt, garlic powder and basil to your vegetables.
  4. Put the vegetables of 3 on the soba that you made.


Hope you enjoy it!

xxxx     FitNessEmikoNess














トマト       1個

きゅうり      1本

アボガド      1個

そば        1束

塩         少々

オリーブオイル   大さじ2杯

バジル       少々

ガーリックパウダー 少々


  1. そばをゆでる。
  2. トマト、キュウリ、アボガドを一口サイズにカットする。
  3. 野菜と調味料をボウルで混ぜる。
  4. 3の野菜をゆであがったそばにかける。おいしいので是非試してみてください!

    Imagexxxxx     FitNessEmikoNess


朝ご飯、私大好きなんです ❤








バナナチップスもあまり体によくないかもしれないですが、おいしいので :p




今日のメニューは桃とバナナチップスと梨でした 🙂


SAMSUNGI love breakfast!

I wake up for my everyday amazing breakfast and when I finish it I feel a bit sad. lol

I have acai bowl almost everyday if I’m not running out of it.


I usually mix frozen unsweetened acai with grapes and dark chocolate and I’ll have that in a bowl with fruits and banana chips.

This is the best breakfast ever for me, it is not heavy but still gives me plenty of energy and makes me feel so good.

Please try it!


xxxx     FitNessEmikoNess