Chubby Geek Learns to Dance -#3

Storytelling Project   “Chubby Geek Learns to Dance”

Episode 3.

Academic Background and Dance

I have a very strong academic background. Everything that I did when I was younger related to getting into good university. This meant that I had little social support on anything artistic, including dancing. You see, I was a chubby geek.


Having this background, I am proud to say that my current occupation is a graduate student at the best private university in Japan (The founder of my school is the face of $100 bill in Japanese yen), doing a research on dancing.


Rebellious? Maybe. I feel my family not being supportive of what I am trying to do, when it is what I need the most right now. But I will work on communicating the message to them. Because dancing is really what we, as humans need, and more people should experience this ancient technology to happiness.



Dancing to overcome trauma


Dancing is facing and improving, rather than escaping.


You see, I had trauma. Trauma is created because we remember the physical arousal of shocking times with negative meanings. When you see something or hear something, it becomes a trigger to create certain posture. This posture is remembered with negative meanings. This is how trauma is created. It becomes embodied.

When I dance, I start breathing fast, just like the time when I lost control. But my attention is focused on the beauty of surroundings. I am fully experiencing the physical arousal that I used to fear and escape, and I embrace it. It is amazing. And at the end of the day, I realize, “hey the things that I was so worried about, maybe means nothing. It may be isn’t so important after all.”


I want you to feel free from the chains on your feet

I want more people to experience this. The beauty of living. At the same time I need dancing in my life. It is my trauma therapy. As we get old, we experience more sad things as well as wonderful things. Humans have an innate tendency to remember the bad rather than good. But this technology, dancing, helps you remember wonderful experiences more.


So… Shall we dance?