Chubby Geek Learns to Dance -#4

<<Robin’s Podcast: Dance for Parkinson’S Disease by David Leventha>>

Great people know great stuff. Great people talk great stuff.


You know what you want to do but your body refuses to move in that way. You start shaking without you being able to control it. You become sleep deprived, unable to control emotions, start building negative relation with others and becoming isolated…

That is what Parkinson Patients experience.

Yet current research on medicine and therapy is focused on the “loss”. Why not on leaning? – This was David’s big question.

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(source: Wikipedia >>> Parkinson’s disease)

What he does

  • Give classes for PD patients in NY
  • Train teachers
  • Offer online training programs (DVDs etc..)
  • Helps research

The best way to find what he is up to is by visiting their website.

Dance for PD website


How he does it

  • Treat PD patients not as PD patients but as “dancers” and “artists”

In the interview, he emphasized the importance of viewing them dancers and artists. He is extra careful on the use of his vacabs, honestly you can just tell that he sees them in such a respectful manner from the way he talks in the interview. He mentioned that this way, students see physical movement from “loss of ability” to “skills that can be developed”.

  • Access and Expand students’ imagination
  • Raise students’ self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-confidence à that breeds curiosity


(More on his teaching philosophy: His Video )


His Mission

Make dance available to all PD patients in the world!


My Expansion

I want to know his great ability on teaching. How he breeds students growth mindset instead of fixed mindset. I believe this could be the key for his mission, spreading dance for PD to all over the world. Through my experience of zumba, although we have semi-fixed class structures on DVD, it does depend on the facilitator if the class can be taught in a way students want to come back.


Maintaining Muscle???

The first day we decide to get our body toned and get more muscle, we are very focused on creating muscle.

It is fun seeing the result, getting muscle definition.

You feel so happy and maybe always staring at the mirror 😉 





Once you get that muscle, have you ever had any trouble maintaining it?

I am sure a lot of people have felt this way,

and today I would like to explain some scientific side of maintaining muscle.



How do we lose it?

When we stop training, the first thing that happens is that our nervous system of the trained muscle will start becoming inactive. This only makes the muscle strength weaker, and this is different from your muscle mass getting smaller. However, if you don’t use this muscle for a long time, then your body assumes that this is the muscle you don’t need and the muscle will get smaller. As you can see, the muscle mass will not get small all of sudden, but the muscle strength will get weaker earlier.


How long does it take for the muscle mass to be lost?

On average someone who has never trained will gain about 15-20% of muscle strength in about 3 months of constant muscle training. If this person stops training, then he or she will lose the gained muscle in the same amount of time, about 3 months, if not trained. 

Yet, this totally depends on your body type, your lifestyle and also how many years you have been training. Muscle has an ability to memorise, and this is called muscle memory. When muscle has been trained for a long time, then the muscle will remember how to activate the nervous system and also the body will remember muscle as something that is essential to maintain its life. The longer you trained the slower we lose muscle. 


How often should we train to maintain our muscle?

It is said that training muscle once a week will let you maintain the muscle mass. Try to make your workout hard enough to get the muscle active.


Some people go crazy that if they don’t train for some days they will lose muscle all of sudden.

Don’t worry! 🙂

You will not lose muscle so easily, your hard work will not be lost that easily.

If you missed some days at the gym, it is okay.

Let’s enjoy every step of our journey.

After-all it is life and we have to live it! 


Reference:      Ishii, N. (2008). The Muscle Encyclopedia.




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Muscle Training First, Aerobic Exercise Later…???


If you are trying to lose fat cells, then you should do muscle training first and then aerobic exercise later.

Exercise totally does depend on how you want your body to be and what kind of skill or power you want to provide, but if you are trying to lose fat, then muscle training comes first and aerobic exercise comes later.


Firstly, let me explain a little on how we use “fat” as the source of energy.

Neutral fat cells are what we store in our body as “fat”. When we use fat as source of energy,

we decompose neutral fat cells as:

neutral fat cells —>  glucose  +  free fatty acid

And if we have too much free fatty acid that is not being used, then it will combine with glucose again and will be stored in our body as “fat”.

Most of the time we use sugar and fat as source of energy.

The differences are:

  • Sugar takes less steps to be decomposed and used as energy, so it can provide energy quicker
  • The amount of sugar that can be stored in our body is limited, so when there is too much sugar 
    we store it by having “fat” in our body. And we can store fat in our body as much as we allow it to.


Now that we know enough about how fat is used as source of energy, let’s have a look on why it is better to do workout in this order. When you do muscle training your body produces growth hormone and activates the sympathetic nerve. This makes neutral fat cells in your body to be decomposed and the amount of free fatty acid increases. Therefore it is easier for our body to use “fat” as energy. Especially if you train big muscles such as legs, chests or back the effect will be bigger. 


If you want to lose fat effectively let’s do muscle training first and then do aerobic exercise!!! 😀


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Treat yourself good at least for 10 minutes a day!








自分に頑張らせすぎないで、罪悪感を感じずに毎日少し甘やかせてあげてください ❤

もっと美しくなれちゃいますよ 😉


When we are relaxed we produce hormone called DHEA, which is anti-aging hormone.


And it means you become more beautiful by feeling relaxed.


Also stress is a huge cause of millions of health problems we face in the present society.


Your life will be so much healthier and happier just by spoiling yourself for at least 10 minutes a day!


Don’t feel guilty to let yourself rest cause by treating yourself nice you will be healthier and more beautiful 😉


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